Bitacem Extra 2 Components Cementitious Waterproofing
About Bitacem Extra 2 Components Cementitious Waterproofing


BITACEM EXTRA Two-component leak-proof coating made from cement and modified styrene polymer of the highest quality which is ready to be used directly on areas that require leak-proof coating with or without protection such as: fish ponds, swimming pools, roofs, terraces, balconies, bathrooms, pots flowers, clean water tanks, basements, tunnels, concrete in seawater and other areas, both new buildings and slopes.

BITACEM EXTRA does not contain toxins such as cadmium, chromium and mercury and is environmentally friendly, highly recommended for clean water tanks, has very strong adhesion so that the surface remains firm when cleaned.

The work area must be clean from dirt and particles that can reduce adhesion, it is recommended that the area is wet before applying the first layer.
Make a mixture of BITACEM EXTRA with a composition of 1.5 parts powder and 1 part liquid by: first putting 1 part liquid in a clean container then adding 1.5 parts powder gradually while stirring gently to form a paste, leave to stir for about 5 minutes and Stir again before use. Install BITACEM EXTRA up to 2 layers using a brush, dry time between layers is around 30-45 minutes, avoid installation under direct sunlight or rain. clean the tool using water.

PACKAGING: 2.5 kg and 20 kg sets

CONSUMPTION : Theoretically 1 : 2 kg/m2

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