Bitadur Super Micro-Fiber Reinforced
About Bitadur Super Micro-Fiber Reinforced


BITADUR SUPER ready-to-use leak-proof coating, made of a special water-based polymer with microfiber reinforcement and high-quality additives, specially formulated to increase tensile strength, forms a very strong, flexible and durable leak-proof coating. It is suitable for preventing and repairing leaks in various areas such as concrete roofs, walls, carpus tiles, PVC roof joints, tin roofs and other areas.


BITADUR SUPER is ready for immediate use in areas such as concrete roofs, exterior walls, balconies, bathrooms, basements and other areas prone to leaks.


With Micro-fiber reinforcement, BITADUR SUPER is able to absorb expansion and contraction without cracking, reduce indoor temperature, crack resistance, waterlogging resistance, negative water pressure resistance, no need for protection (exposure), UV light resistance and extreme weather in tropical climates, as well as non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


The work area must be firm, compact, dry, clean, free from grease and loose dirt. Use BITAPRIM WP-NANO as a primer to bind dust or particles which can reduce the adhesion of BITAPRIM SUPER, allow it to dry (+/- 30 minutes), then apply BITAPRIM SUPER directly without mixing with water, let it dry ± 30 minutes, after the first layer is dry , immediately apply the second layer and so on. For maximum results, a minimum of 3 (three) layers is needed with a dose of: 1 – 2 Kg/m2 (depending on area). It is highly recommended to use a brush, so that the microfibres are evenly distributed.

PACKAGING: 1 Kg, 4 Kg and 20 Kg

CONSUMPTION : Theoretically 1 – 2 Kg/m2


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