Bitadur Waterproofing
About Bitadur Waterproofing


BITADUR coating styrene acrylic copolymer resin, high quality, one component water based, leak proof.


BITADUR is ready to be used directly in areas such as concrete roofs, exterior walls, balconies, bathrooms, basements and other areas prone to leaks.


One component, no need to mix so easy to use, can be tinted with thousands of colors, high elasticity, strong adhesion and easy to clean, very suitable for tropical climates, ultra violet resistant, pollution and mildew resistant, free of mercury or heavy metals and environmentally friendly .


The work area must be dry, free of dirt and particles that can reduce adhesion.
Make a primer with the composition of 1 kg BITADUR: 1 liter of clean water then apply it directly to the work area, let it dry completely for about 1 hour.
Apply the second layer of BITADUR without water mixture on top of the dry first layer.
Install BITAFORCE between the first and second layers in areas that are prone to leaks such as cracked areas, corners, pipes, carps, joints and other areas, let dry for at least 2 hours,
Apply the next layer for perfect results.
Application can be done by spraying, rolling or brushing.
Clean the work tool with clean water.
For large fields it is recommended to use BITAPRIM WP for Primary

PACKAGING: 1 Kg, 4 Kg and 20 Kg

CONSUMPTION : In theory 1 : 2 Kg/m2


Store in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, and keep out of reach of children.

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