Bitaguard Quick Dry 605
About Bitaguard Quick Dry 605


BITGUARD 605 is a synthetic paint with a primer and top coat formulation in one product, an alkyd modification that dries quickly and provides long-term protection to iron and wood.


BITAGUARD 605 can be installed directly on metal and wood surfaces without priming to protect against corrosion and rust.


With the latest technology BITGUARD 605 has very strong adhesion, very shiny, Ultraviolet resistant, does not turn yellow, absorbs dirt very low, provides long term protection for wood and iron. quick dry, no added lead in accordance with International safety and health standards of less than 90 ppm.


Stir before and during use.
The area must be dry, free of dirt or particles that can reduce adhesion.
Sand first for installation over the old paint area.
Apply the first layer of BITAGUARD 605, wait for it to dry for about 2 hours before applying the next layer.
Add BITAGUARD 730 thinner around 5% if you use a brush and 15% if you use a spray.
Clean work tools using BITAGUARD 730 thinner.

PACKAGING: 1 Liter, 2.5 Liter and 20 Liter.

CONSUMPTION: in theory 1 Liter: 12m2


Store in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, and keep out of reach of children.

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