Bitapox Epoxy Multipurpose
About Bitapox Epoxy Multipurpose


BITAPOX MULTI PURPOSE is a two component paint made from Epoxy Resin. BITAPOX MULTI PURPOSE has excellent adhesion and gloss.


BITAPOX MULTI PURPOSE can be applied to floor and wall surfaces, has a glossy appearance, does not absorb dust, is resistant to household chemicals, is not moldy and mossy


The work area must be dry, free of dirt and particles that can reduce paint adhesion. For installation on old paint, which is in poor condition, it must be completely peeled off, then sandpaper coarsely so that the paint can stick to the maximum.
Mix BITAPOX MULTI PURPOSE Part A and Part B with a weight ratio of 3:1, stir until homogeneous, let stand for + 10 minutes before application. If needed, add Bitapox thinner as needed.
Apply using a 1 layer brush / roll to the media you want to paint, repeat 2-3 layers until it is completely covered

PACKAGING : 1 kg, 4 kg, & 20 kg (Set)

THEORETICAL SPREAD: 1 kg = 10m2 (per layer)

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