Bitaprim Anti-Alkali Primer
About Bitaprim Anti-Alkali Primer


BITAPRIM is a first class water-based anti-alkali primer for use on new walls or plaster that has not yet completely dried both indoors and outdoors.


BITAPRIM is recommended for application to new surface areas such as: concrete, stucco, stucco and similar areas which have not yet completely dried.


BITAPRIM will stop the alkaline attack and protect the new paint placed on it. BITAPRIM is mercury free, easy to use with a brush or roller.


The area to be installed by BITAPRIM must be clean and free from dust, grease, mold and other impurities.
Install BITAPRIM on the surface of the wall without diluting it by brushing or spraying it, just one coat as a base paint (primer).
Wait for dry at most 4 (four hours) for painting.
Clean the work tool using clean water.

PACKAGING: 2.5 Liters and 20 Liters.

CONSUMPTION: In theory 1 Liter: 10 M2 1 layer

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