Bitaroof Roof Paint
About Bitaroof Roof Paint


BITAROOF is a roofing paint, water based made by combining acrylic polymer with high quality pigments


BITAROOF is ready to use on concrete roof tiles, clay, shingles, road markings, flower pots, and gardens and the like.


BITAROOF Very suitable for tropical climates, high quality, semi-gloss, resistant to ultraviolet and humidity, anti-fungal and wear-resistant and easy to clean.


The tile area must be dry, clean from dirt and particles that can reduce adhesion.
On new tiles, the moisture content is not more than 15%.
On the old tile, clean it first with sandpaper.
Add BITAROOF with clean water up to 10% and stir before use.
For best results, 2-3 coats are needed with an interval of at least 30 minutes between coats.
Application can be done by spraying, rolling or brushing.
Clean the work tool using clean water.

PACKAGING: 4 Kg and 20 Kg

CONSUMPTION : In theory : 1 Kg : 6 – 8 M2 1 depending on the area

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