Bitasol Cat Batu Candi
About Bitasol Cat Batu Candi


BITASOL Temple Stone is a protective paint for natural temple stones made from acrylic solvent with a soft color.


BITASOL Temple Stone to provide protection for temple stones and the like with an even layer of black.


BITASOL Candi Stone provides a durable coating, resistant to ultraviolet, water, alkali, moss, polluting dirt, has strong adhesion due to high penetration, has a soft scent and is easy to use.


Clean the area from dirt such as: dust, oil and other dirt, make sure the work area is completely dry.
Use work protective equipment such as: gloves, masks and goggles
Mix BITASOL Temple Stone with a thin layer of 10% for the first installation.
Wait about 10 minutes for the second layer to be installed on top of the dry first layer.
For areas that require special protection, it is recommended to install a third layer.
BITASOL Temple Stone can be installed by brushing or spraying.
Clean work tools using thinner.

PACKAGING: 1 Liter, 2.5 Liter and 20 Liter.

CONSUMPTION : In theory 1 Liter : 6 – 8 M2

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