Bitatex Maxiclean
Bitatex Maxiclean


BITATEX Maxi Clean interior wall paint made from high quality water and styrene acrylic copolymer with a special anti-stain formula that can be cleaned.


BITATEX Maxi Clean is recommended for painting children’s play areas, schools, restaurants, food courts, hotels, toilets, pantries, kitchens, or other interior spaces.


BITATEX Maxi Clean has a luxurious semi-gloss color appearance, very easy to clean from stains such as; crayons, coffee, tea, sauces, water-based markers and the like, eco-friendly, anti-mould and mildew. Available with thousands of color choices as the actualization of each individual.


The work area must be dry, free of dirt and particles that can reduce adhesion.
In new wall areas at least 28 days old or no more than 15% moisture content and use BITAPRI as a base paint.
Clean the old wall area first using fine sandpaper and use BITAWALL to median the old paint and new paint.
Add BITATEX with a maximum of 10% clean water and stir before use.
Apply first coat of BITATEX and let dry for 1-2 hours (depending on temperature).
Place the second layer of BITATEX on top of the dry first layer.
For best results, 2-3 coats are needed.
Application can be done by spraying, rolling or brushing.
Clean the work tool using water.

PACKAGING: 2.5 Liters and 20 Liters.

CONSUMPTION : In theory 1 Liter : 12 m2

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