Mastertex Acrylic Wall Paint
About Mastertex Acrylic Wall Paint


MASTERTEX is an acrylic wall paint specially designed for indoor use, ready to be used directly on plaster and brickwork, both on new and old walls.


MASTERTEX is ready to be used directly on plaster, brick, both on new and old walls, for interior paint.


It has advantages over similar products, namely having strong adhesion, not calcifying, easy to install, a matte color appearance that disguises wavy walls, and is free of mercury and heavy metals.


The work area must be dry, free of dirt and particles that can reduce adhesion.
On new walls, at least 28 days old or the water content is not more than 15% and use BITAPRI as base paint.
On old walls, clean with sandpaper and use BITAWALL to median the old paint and new paint.
Stir MASTERTEX until evenly distributed before use, if necessary add up to 10% clean water.
Apply the first coat of MASTERTEX and let it dry 1 – 2 hours (depending on temperature).
Place the second layer of MASTERTEX on top of the dry first layer.
For best painting results, 2-3 coats are needed.
Application can be done by spraying, rolling or brushing.
Clean the work tool using clean water.

PACKAGING: 5 kg and 25 kg

CONSUMPTION : theoretically 1 kg : 8 M2

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